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Thursday, October 17

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Thursday, February 28

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  2. page Facebook for Business edited ... (Victoria Burgess) No flash, just post that gives a lot of…
    ... (Victoria Burgess) No flash, just post that gives a lot of food for thought.
    AT&T (Karen) nice mosaic of photos on cover photo
    I'm finding that the new fomat (timeline) is a somewhat limiting from a marketing perspective. No Custom Landing Pages for promotions is particularly disturbing, but I'm sure Facebook has 'something' up its sleeve. (Annmarie)
    Case Studies:
    California State Parks Foundation (Annmarie)
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  4. page YouTube Channel URLS edited Jennifer's VacationsStudentintroductions channel Please post your YouTube video url here. Click …
    Jennifer's VacationsStudentintroductions channel
    Please post your YouTube video url here. Click here to return to Home Page. (Andi - list of videos posted) (Victoria)
    TheMikeOfSteel channel (Michael)
    Jennifer's Vacations (Jennifer)
    JP's You Tube Channel (Janis Catapano)
    Post (Karen Khor)

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    OPTIONAL Weekly Conference Call. Click here to return to Home Page.
    Tuesday evenings, 7-8PM
    Phone number: 1-218-862-1300
    Conference Code: 597850
    Phone number: 1-218-862-1300
    Conference Code: 597850
    Please ensure that you
    There are calling from a phone that has Long Distance coverage and/or that your Cell Phone has enough minutes to cover without paying extra.none for this in-class course.
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  6. page Tool Assessment edited ... Have instant communication (Carrie) etc Timesaver (Sheila) Great for schools (Andi) Colla…
    Have instant communication (Carrie)
    Timesaver (Sheila)
    Great for schools (Andi)
    Collaborative party planning (Karen)
    Great reference resource (Janis)
    Love to hear what others are thinking and seeing out there (Janis)

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  7. page Tool Assessment edited ... Love to hear what others are thinking and seeing out there (Janis) LinkedIn: Networking (Mi…
    Love to hear what others are thinking and seeing out there (Janis)
    Networking (Michael Ryan)
    Business opportunities (Michael Ryan)
    Present a professional image / profile (Michael Ryan)
    Share your professional accomplishments with your network (Carrie)
    Emerge as a thought leader in your respected space (Carrie)
    Recommend old colleagues and ask for recommendations (Carrie)
    Job/career opportunities (Janis)
    Keeping up to date and communicating with other people in any chosen industry (Janis)
    Join business clubs relevant to your employment (Victoria)
    Update skills as you acquire knowledge about them (Victoria)
    Share important business articles with your network(Victoria)
    Serves as a database of all your contacts (Jennifer)
    Gives you the ability to get info on other companies and employees, great search tool (Sheila)
    Very few people are on this in the field of education. Consultants maybe (Andi)
    Handy to learn about people before job interviews (Jennifer)
    Networking within interest groups (Karen)
    Useful template for resume preparation (Karen)
    Tool to get information on other companies, competitors (Sheila)

    Builds online reputation (Michael Ryan)
    Increases your knowledge base (Michael Ryan)
    Helpful tool for networking / contacts (Michael Ryan)
    Help SEO for your company (Carrie)
    Create a platform for you to talk about your industry, company (Carrie)
    Follow blogs from those in the same space as you (Carrie)
    Ease of creation (Janis)
    Two way communication:conversation (Janis)
    provide lifestyle/life coaching knowledge (ie., motivation, current events, new age, health, cooking etc.) - Victoria
    Interact with other bloggers (Victoria)
    Provokes conversations with teachers (Andi)
    Allows for feedback on teaching strategies posted (Andi)
    Good for professional development (Andi)
    Could help want-to-be-writers to get feedback on written pieces (Karen)
    Lets the reader connect to the writer in a way that feels intimate and personal (Sheila)

    Google Docs:
    Collaboration (Michael Ryan)
    Instant communication/updates (Carrie)
    Access from anywhere (Janis)
    Great tool (Sheila)
    Do not care for the format (Andi)
    Appears limited in editing (Andi)
    Edits appear for all users (Jennifer)
    Useful in updating and tracking auction items for fundraisers as part of a team (Karen)

    Social Bookmarks:
    Quicker way to follow your favorite sites (Carrie).....I agree, learning about this was great--who knew ;) - Victoria
    Easy to share favorite sites with others (Carrie)
    great for organizing your's like I have my own archive system (Victoria)
    Easy to find your favorites (Andi)
    SO EASY...I am so happy to learn about this. (Janis)
    Great way to get info in a way that is edited for you (Sheila)
    I tried to use it for bookmarking sites from this class by week but having difficulty and not as easy to use as I thought it would be (Karen)

    Allows buisnesses to have instant communication with customers (Carrie)
    Facebook users can see how their friends and network feel about certain brands (Carrie)
    Share your blog and tweets and, at times, other peoples relevant content on your page (Victoria)
    Share business milestones (Victoria)
    Share photos and/or music that will enhance your story about your business, or the story (Victoria)
    Share videos to speak to your fans about your business updates, or to educate your fans (Victoria)
    Brave new world with the shopping feature- so great for start ups and getting into business at a low cost. (Sheila)
    Allows for people to follow the information that you feel is pertinent (Andi)
    Can hold contests on it to increase membership (Andi)
    Interaction between customers and with brands is priceless (Janis)
    Sharing the experience of company videos/updates/photos with your friends. (Janis)
    Viral in nature (Janis)
    Communication (Sheila)
    profiles consumer via likes (Sheila)
    The "Insights" part has not been so easy to decipher. I am also frustrated about not being able to create anchor text which is hyperlinked in a post. (Karen)

    Google Reader:
    Allows you to quickly get feeds from your favorite sites (Carrie)
    Can share your favorite sites with others and get recomendations on relevant topics (Carrie)
    Great for organization / quick browsing (Michael)
    Great that the editing of the data/info you are interested in is all together for you and such a timesaver. (Sheila)
    Allows you to keep up with many different sources (Andi)
    Don't have to constantly monitor your favorite sites (Jennifer)
    Love it (Victoria)
    Love the feeds and the organizational tool (Janis)
    Again, a great clipping service and timesaver (Sheila)
    Convenient and time-saving tool if you like to browse various news websites (Karen)

    Building a community of people with the same interests (Jennifer)
    Sharing your photos with people who are not your typical "friends" (Jennifer)
    Would like to know the difference between Flicker, Photobucket, and others (Andi)
    Love the tagging ability and the the way small business owners are using it (Janis)
    Use icloud on the mac, added this for business (Sheila)
    Useful back-up/storage option for photos just in case of any computer mishaps which might result in digital photos getting erased from hard drive (Karen)

    Google +:
    Not a fan to have to have two platforms (Facebook) as this is all time consuming (Andi)
    Like the idea of circles to post your thoughts to more specific audiences (Andi)
    Would love to use the Video portion in class as a test run (Andi)
    See great potential for 10 teachers to talk collectively (Andi)
    Better privacy as not everyone sees all of your posts (Jennifer)
    I have never liked Google Plus, it just seems like you have to have a very specific business to benefit from this, i.e. a product as opposed to a service offering (Carrie)
    Would be very good for LifeCoaches and Astrologers to talk to clients; however, the demographics from the articles I read for this class are mostly males, and that's not primarily my market. Looks like more women that will buy my product are on FB. Therefore, I'm not ready for it yet. I wouldn't recommend it for where I work as well...I have a wait and see attitude for Google+; jury still out (Victoria)
    Thinking about Google + for business and FB for personal, or if product has a male target, Google + is an strong platform (Sheila)
    need to watch the trends if FB users migrate to Google + as FB users were using Instagram and now that FB bought it, may look to go elsewhere as FB moves more mainstream (Sheila)
    I love this and think G+ will be giving FB a run for it's money. I liked the comment that it's FB for grown-ups. (Janis)
    There doesn't appear to be a straightforward process to import multiple contact information into Google+ circles which is rather annoying. I've only been able to add people manually into my Google+ circles which is very inefficient. (Karen)
    Google+ circles appears to be a useful tool for organizing your different social networks and facilitating networking. (Karen)

    Love the stats to see what, where, and who is interested (Andi)
    Videos are more attractive than articles (Andi)
    Loved this! Interesting to see where my company ranks right now (Carrie)
    I hope this is the right category to right about Radian 6. Even though it's a tool to pay for (I know it's not cheap) it is the best, I think by far for seeing all results of SMM in one place (Victoria)
    Quantcast had metrics that seem meaningful and offered good comparisons (Jennifer)
    Invaluable for finding important statistical information (Michael)
    Loved all the free resources (even on Radian6) and the "How To" on Quantcast (Janis)
    I was excited about the prospect of Quantcast since it offers its services for free, but then I became disappointed when I found out that Quantcast would not allow me to implement a tag on a URL with a path, which automatically rules out my ability to track traffic to the website I want to track: (Karen)

    Very important to understand what your customers want and need; also what they might be complaining about. (Victoria)
    To help with damage control for the business (Victoria)
    To assist customers if they have a problem (Victoria)
    Interesting to allow you to listen without having to spend time having the conversation- you get feedback without the personal interaction. (Sheila)
    SocialMention is particularly great, especially for big companies they can see how others are responding to them (Carrie)
    Wasn't too impressed with "whostaking", but I really like Social Mention
    SocialMention offered a wide variety of topics to choose from (Jennifer)
    SocialMention and Google Trends are easy to use and understand (Janis)
    It's too bad that Social Mention doesn't seem to recognize names with symbols. I was trying to see if there was any recent buzz in social media about my friend's recently-opened restaurant in White Plains called Noodle+, but Social Mention only recognized "Noodle" but not the "+" so I got a lot of irrelevant comments on "noodle" but nothing on the restaurant itself. (Karen)

    This is wonderful for bloggers, I have been searching educaiton and bullying and getting a ton of stuff for my blog, great for journalists (Carrie)
    I found this "how to article" for Google Trends. I thought it was very helpful; and refers to people becoming Google Ninjas lol (Victoria)
    Also liked Topix a lot, I found a lot of talk about where I work...lots of changes going on, and Topix had relevant articles.
    I liked the "local bent" available on topix (Jennifer)
    Topix is great for finding local information. Much more helpful than a search engine. (Michael)
    The tutorials on Alltop were very helpful, and I was on Additomatic way too long (Janis)
    I agree that Topix is a convenient way to get current news on local information from diverse sources all on the same page. I like it! (Karen)
    I like the layout of Alltop and the easy-to-scan brief highlights for different news sources selected all aggregated on one page. (Karen)

    Signed up, but it's local only in the NYC area (Andi)
    Signed up through Facebook, but not sure if that was wise (Andi)
    Found this great but only if you have something worth promoting which is not me right now! (Carrie)
    Interesting, but not ready to sign on (Sheila)
    Seems very youth oriented, movies and such (Janis)
    Seemed interesting and but was unable to sign up because it said my email address not available (don't know what that means, and it didn't give me any further advice about what to do regarding this) and I also couldn't sign up through FB because I would not allow it to post on my behalf. Anyway, it wasn't as user-friendly as I thought it would be. (Karen)

    Making me think about how to host an event for parents (Andi)
    Have had trouble in the past getting parents to come to an event. Maybe on line would be more practical. (Andi)
    Great for spreading word of mouth, seeing how the competition is handling promotions (Carrie)
    Seems handy for promoting events (Jennifer)
    Something to think about (Sheila)
    Looks very easy to organize an event- I liked the Event Planning Guide which includes getting sponsors, texting attendees, creating mobile guides with schedules, maps and speakers...etc. (Janis)
    I've used Eventbrite as consumer and event planner in my kids' previous school fundraiser where we used Eventbrite to enable people to register/buy tickets for events organized to benefit the school. I recall we had a good experience with it overall. (Karen)

    Facebook Events:
    Held a contest on Facebook which was successful. (Andi)
    Need to become more proactive with events and becoming more active (Andi)
    I love the idea of Facebook events especially since everyone is on Facebook, you can even do countdowns until your events (Carrie)
    Not ready to do events yet, but eventually ;) (Victoria)
    Again, more to think about (Sheila)
    Probably one of the most useful event tools - very intuitive and is built into Facebook. (Michael)
    So easy, it seems silly not to do it (Janis)
    The "10 Tips for Creating Buzz..." was useful read and hopefully, I will get to try it out in future. (Karen)

    Will showcase this to teachers to help them manage the needs of each classroom more effectively (Andi)
    Ease of use is terrific (Andi)
    Fantastic as it allows all the workflow and timetables to be seen and managed in one place, pressure with peers to keep up as all can see (Sheila)
    I have been using this for several weeks now, it's very easy and intuitive. I have also heard that Evernote is fantastic as it can read your handwriting - just upload your work thru a photo taken with your phone. Lots of folks rave about this feature. It's just not as intuitive for me. (Janis)
    Visually appealing and format seems like it would make it easier to keep track of multiple activities/tasks. Seems like it would be useful in many different types of collaborative endeavors, including volunteer projects and family reunion travel planning. (Karen)

    Love this site and the concept, just concerned if I post "creative work" the info is public (Sheila)
    Am holding off as there are many legal suits pending (Andi)
    Not a huge fan of this, seems like it will face out (Carrie)
    Not good for my business; but I do know of a few photographers that are loving it (Victoria)
    On waiting list- not a supporter as the info in public and you cannot set to a private setting which raises copyright and legal issues (Sheila)
    As a creative professional, I'm concerned over posting copyrighted work. (Michael)
    It seems like it would be very good for artists and designers. Not sure how it would work for other businesses. (Jennifer)
    Love the photos, very helpful with certain businesses. (Janis)
    Great for sharing information with visual impact/importance. I was thinking that it might be useful site for me to place video and photos of my Mom making favorite childhood dishes that I could then share with my sisters and for posterity. (Karen)

    Location Based Apps:
    Seems like the popularity of these sites will grow as smart phones continue to become more popular (Jennifer)
    I agree with Jennifer and this is something I have to get used to. The privacy issue concerns me. (Janis)
    It seems like it could be a useful platform as a tourist in a new city and I like the idea of getting neighborhood discounts, but I do worry about putting out too much personal information out there. (Karen)

    BlogTalk Radio:
    Would love a demonstration of Blog Talk Radio. (Andi)
    How can Blog Talk Radio and You Tube be integrated? (Andi)
    Lots of resources and how to's but no free version. Is it editable? (Janis)
    Love the idea of this social radio network and free tools for anybody to become their own talk show host and be able to create jazzy podcasts! I know my kids would love to experiment with this as they love to hear themselves talking. It could be a useful tool to improve my 7-year old's reading-out-aloud skills as she can hear how she reads a story and I can point out exactly where she could improve on intonation and use of expressions. (Karen)

    Please keep adding Tools and Assessments as we move along through the course.
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  8. page Podcasts edited ... Also, if you run across any interesting podcasts, please link to them below: The Bowery Boys:…
    Also, if you run across any interesting podcasts, please link to them below:
    The Bowery Boys: NYC History (Annmarie)
    This is an EXCELLENT use of many different pieces. Thanks for sharing, Mary
    I think this is why blogs are replacing web pages.
    For technical help, I listen to these podcasts on InDesign. The narrators are hysterical.

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