Facebook for Business

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ALSO, let's keep a running list of interesting Facebook Pages and Case Studies here. Click here to go back to Home Page.

Dessert Gallery (Annmarie) (small bakery; very engaging and personal; works well with their consumer base)
Dunkin Donuts (Annmarie) (consistently running cool promotions)
Red Bull (Annmarie) (promotions targeted well)
Coca-Cola (Carrie) (I always like they speak in such a conversational tone and their personality comes across)
Dancing with the Stars (Carrie) (I love this show and appreciate how they give loyal viewers the chance to see "extra" segments if they go to the Facebook Page)
http://www.facebook.com/cainesarcade (Andi) Documentary about a kid's creative endeavors
http://www.facebook.com/synergywestchester (Andi) Contest
http://www.facebook.com/drwaynedyer (Victoria Burgess) No flash, just post that gives a lot of food for thought.
AT&T (Karen) nice mosaic of photos on cover photo

Case Studies:
California State Parks Foundation (Annmarie)
Desert Gallery (Annmarie)
AmEx Finds its Social Media Grove (Janis)