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Galaxy Zoo (help Astronomers explore the Universe) (Annmarie)
Threadless (t-shirts) (Annmarie)
Yelp (restaurants) (Annmarie)
One Billion Minds (Annmarie)
Guerra Creativa (creative projects) (Annmarie)
Crowd Spring (creative projects) (Annmarie)
Idea Connection (problem solving) (Annmarie)
Dream Heels (shoes) (Annmarie)
Brand Tags (branding) (Annmarie)
Wikipedia (of course!) (Annmarie)
Fold It (solve puzzles for Science) (Annmarie)
Epicurious (recipes) (Annmarie)
Trip Advisor (travel) (Annmarie)
Signpost (deals) (Annmarie)
Houzz (home design, decorating- pictures and advice) Janis See also HOMETALK (my place to find yummy dishes) (Victoria) - this is my favorite too! (Carrie) (I found an astrology site; I think the first one) (Victoria) - about creating "great products together) for people who want to share their new ideas (Carrie) - Can vote and comment on others ideas (Carrie) - Comment on renting apartments (Andi) - Comment on renting apartments (Andi) Site for college students to run errands in spare time (Jennifer) Positioned as online creative department (Jennifer) - A site where people looking for a new logo can post contests in which designers will compete to create the logo. (Michael) They create websites, tee shirts and business cards...etc. Great site, thanks Michael-(Janis) similar to but also has a freelance job feature and TycoonTalk where business owners can share their knowledge
Crowdrise allows you to support charities and volunteer organizations by voting for their projects on the site, donating money, or helping them fundraise. Crowdrise has 1.5 million charities on board. (Karen) is a funding platform for citizen journalism. Users can submit story tips, and journalists pitch their story ideas for funding. (Karen)
Sparked an entirely-online volunteer network with more than 1,000 affiliated non-profits. These organizations post their needs online for volunteers to complete. (Karen)
some of these are wonderful. thanks for posting. the logo sourcing one is a particularly interesting (Annmarie).